HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group

The National Technical Working Group for STI, HIV and AIDS (TWG) purpose is to provide coordination, oversight, technical advice and technical approval primarily to the National Department of Health, and for the Global Fund HIV and AIDS grants, but also for any other development partner funding, additional grants or pilots directly related to the health service delivery components of the National STI, HIV and AIDS programs.


The TWG will ensure that all approved programs and work plans are inline with the National HIV and AIDS Strategy 2011-2015, the National Health Plan 2011-2020, the National Treatment Guidelines and other relevant policies, and standards.


The TWG will ensure that planning for requests for funding should be underpinned by a wide consultation process involving all existing and potential stakeholders and constituencies and should be representative of all sectors of society, including government, NGOs, civil society, multilateral and bilateral agencies, the network of people living with HIV/AIDS, key NGOs and activists working on HIV prevention, care and treatment and TB/HIV co-infection in vulnerable communities, and the private sector.


The National STI, HIV and AIDS TWG will draw together the broad technical input related to overall STI, HIV and AIDS programming. A number of other working groups already exist for specific technical areas such as HIV Surveillance, Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT), HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT), and Care and Treatment, TB/HIV, and Sexually Transmitted Infections. These working groups will provide feedback and input to the TWG, and will have open membership in order to allow for the maximum involvement of all parties able and willing to contribute to each of the relevant programmatic areas. The NDOH is responsible for the preparation of draft Terms of Reference (TORs) for working groups to review and update the strategic parameters and work plans for each component under the programme. The TOR for the sub-groups is subject to approval through the NDOH and the STI, HIV and AIDS TWG.


Oversight, coordination and final approval of the funding requests which includes the final structure and content of each of the programme component developed with the input from the TWG will be the responsibility of the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) in the case of GFATM grants, and the Disease Control Advisory Committee of the NDOH for other funding.